Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a Wonderful Couple of Weeks!!

Our son has officially had his best week in a long time.  It's been just over a week since his last IVIg treatment, and he is doing fantastic.  Only 1 seizure the night of his treatment and nothing since!  We're heading toward a record here: 8 days seizure free and counting.

Another amazing part of this week has been his mental functioning.  What a difference it makes when he doesn't have extra meds in his system and not having to continually recover from seizures.  He is so happy!  He's interacting better that he has in a long time with his little brothers, who absolutely adore him.  They're playing imagination games as much as possible, it's a blast to watch.  One day they pretend to be Transformers, the next day brings on another favorite superhero.  He's been talking about school activities more than usual.  The last few days his class has been participating in Mission Impossible in the gymnasium.  I'm not really sure what it is, but he's excited to tell me about the sharks, bugs and different obstacles they have maneuver around. 

I almost burst into tears of joy when I happened upon a little game he created for he and his brother last night.  Again I don't really know what the game was about, maybe like the Mission Impossible at school, but he had drawn pictures on several pieces of paper of different sizes and lined them up on the floor strategically.  They had the lights out, his little brother had on a toque and sunglasses, and they were getting ready to start playing.  If we hadn't been on our way out to our monthly Epilepsy Parent's Support Meeting, I would have jumped in with them.  I'm going to see if he'll explain it to me tonight!

Last week we also witnessed a major childhood milestone in our son's life: 2 lost teeth.

He's was incredibly excited about 1. pulling the teeth out and 2. $$$$.  He pulled the first tooth out, placed it carefully under the pillow and woke up the next morning to $2.  Same thing happened the next night and he received another $2.  What an easy way to make money!!  He's been excitedly telling everyone we meet about his lost teeth and new found venture.  One of his top front teeth is loose now and he can't wait to yank it out!

After loosing Tooth #1:

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  1. We used to do mission impossible when I was in school. They would use up the entire gymnasium to create a path of obstacles to go on. So fun, everyone would do it. They even sometimes led the trail of obstacles outside and through the playground.

    I hope he can find more weeks like these.